*Would You Love A Monsterman*

25. července 2007 v 18:14 | Bejuska |  *Lordi*
Text k písničce:
Would you love a monsterman
Could you understand beauty of the beast
Fire at will - yeah I would kill
Yeah I would freeze all hell over just to get a chill
Yeah I would slay - Yeah I would maim
Yeah I would in thin air and reappear again
Be right in the squares, yeah I would be sincere
Yeah I would lie, Yeah I would lie
Yeah I would be there waking up the dead to get a thrill
I say yeah - I say yeah
Would you love a monsterman
Could you understand beauty of beast
I would do it all for you, would you do it all
Do it all for me
Take your time - you'll be fine
Yeah there is nothing wrong with this
you ain't committing crime
You don't know why we passed you by
You search for something never found
Along these lines
Someday you may turn aruond and terrify
You can't deny - You crucify
Would you get down in the gutter
Swallowing your pride
I say yeah - I say yeah
All that you get is much less
you deserve
Leaving for now
Someday I may return
Jestli si jí chcete stáhnout,klikněte sem.

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1 Lucík Lucík | Web | 3. listopadu 2007 v 21:51 | Reagovat

Tahle pisnicka je uplne nej....fakt ji desne zeru...

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